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We Understand

the importance of well-designed, customized applications and web design. Software is the core tool for the efficient operation of today's organization. It has led to unprecidented productivity improvements over the last 15 years. As a result, software development has become one of the most critical costs that a cutting edge start-up will incur.

Our "Start-up" program was designed to provide viable ideas, from around the world, with the software development needed to launch and grow effectively.

Enabling Your Technological Expansion

Paying directly for software development is not always an option. We are supporting the efforts of businesses like yours.
There are three ways that we can help you take that leap.

Try it!

Payment Plan

Companies are provided with the software development that they need to move forward and up. A repayment plan is negotiated that replaces the need for a traditional business loan. We are essentially financing your expansion and supporting you as well.

Approvals are fast and are based on the strength of the business plan and management. Credit is not a factor.
Profit Share Plan

This is the ideal plan when you do not have an expectation of sufficient cash flow, but you want to preserve your ownership balance. Royalties are agreed upon to facilitate the repayment of the cost of development. While each project is unique, we strive to be your technical partner and support your needs as much as possible.

We win when you win!
Equity Plan

Situations do not always allow for the the cashflow to make monthly payments. In this instance we meet your software development needs in return for an equity position in the business. This is an ideal solution for technology-dependant business models that expect future growth but need help getting there.

This plan is the least restricting but has the most stringent approval guidelines.

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