The development of high-quality applications and websites can be costly. Often the choice is made by the business owner to either do it themselves or undertake a smaller effort. This has a serious impact on a company's ability to compete and survive.

The Gadfly Project wants to help. Viable companies that can provide written proof of a quotation by a registered software/website developer, are eligible to have their project developed by The Gadfly Project for half the stated price. That means your project will cost 50% of what you were expecting. So, what will you do with the left over funds?

This program is non-competitive. All applications meeting requirements will be accepted.

In-kind Services
This is an "in-kind" offer. The Gadfly Project will utilize in-house expertise and resources to complete the project. This is NOT a cash grant.

Qualified Parties
This program is open to all entities that are registered, or can otherwise prove not-for-profit status and operations. This program is not limited to the United States of America.

Applications will be accepted and approved on a rolling basis. There is no deadline for submissions. We encourage those interested to apply as early as they are able in order to best ensure that resources remain available. We do not guarantee the perpetual continuation of this program.

Application will be evaluated based on the following: